About Medibabies

Baby with Stethoscope
Topics covered

- Understanding baby checks


- Safe Sleeping

- Postnatal depression

- Local Parent network

- Recognising signs of illness in neonates

- Information on Feeding

- Birthmarks 


- Allergies

-Recognising signs of illness in infants

- Weaning


-reinforcing safe sleeping

-maternal mental health

-how to make the most out of a GP appointment

and much more

Medical Education Classes run by doctors


For new parents, not so new parents, grandparents, parents to be and any caregivers interested in learning more about babies.


Medibabies postnatal courses are designed for parents and caregivers, where current medical information and guidance is discussed and explained by a volunteer doctor.

Our postnatal courses consist of four weekly sessions which covers the basics of looking after a newborn such as safe sleeping guidelines and how to spot sepsis.. We also look at the evidence behind these guidelines and use it to explain how the NHS guidelines have been made and why they are important.

Having a new baby is an incredibly exciting time, however often it can feel daunting with so much information to find. At medibabies we ensure up to date medical advice about babies can be understood and discussed in a safe environment amongst like minded parents. We believe that through education and understanding of the reasons behind medical guidelines parents can be empowered to make the best decisions for their baby.  

See the booking page for information of course content. Please be aware that the course will have an emphasis on medical topics including education some of the the medical processes behind sensitive issues such as SIDS and serious illnesses.

Course content:

Classes for 2019 will be held when we have enough interest so register interest today on our bookings page and we will contact you when we run the next group.


Lesson 1: Milestones and baby quirks Explore what your baby can start to do before 1 year and learn about what to look out for as your baby grows e.g. plagiocephaly etc. 


Lesson 2: Weaning and allergies How to safely wean your baby (what foods to avoid and why) and what to look out for an allergic reaction.


Lesson 3: Rashes and illnesses Discussion of illness that affect this age group and what to look out for. What sepsis means and how to spot it. Explanation of what doctors might ask during a consultation and the importance of these questions. We will also cover a summary of common rashes.


Lesson 4: Maternal mental health Discussion about the scope of maternal mental health issues and consolidation of topics covered during the course.