Antenatal course

Medibabies antenatal course is designed specifically for those early days after your baby is born.  

We provide a four session course for expectant parents. In this course session course we focus on understanding the information behind some of the neonatal guidance, as well as learn new information about babies in a fun and informal setting.


Classes are currently held in Blackheath Village. As they are provided by volunteer doctors we will run each course when we have enough parents to fill each course. Please click here to register your interest:

Course content



Lesson 1:  The 4th Trimester.

Topics covered: guidelines of safe sleeping, understanding normal feeding mechanisms and identifying where problems may arise. Crying in the newborn phase and what to expect with a newborn.


Lesson 2: Afterbirth- what now?

What to expect after you have given birth, including explaining neonatal checks, vaccinations offered, growth charts and support available.

Lesson 3: Practical session

Discussion with new mums. how to hold a baby, safe sleeping, how to identify if your baby is ill and what to do. How to change a nappy! How to sterilise a bottle.


Lesson 4: Maternal mental health Discussion of a range of maternal mental health issues and where to seek help. This session also includes discussion of any questions from the group from previous sessions.